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Sangaalo Updates

Hi friends!  I hope this post finds you all doing great!  I have some updates and hopefully some clarity to share with you all.  We have received numerous emails today and Facebook messages from quite a few concerned people and supporters of our ministry!  Many have seen and heard some news floating around Facebook about Sangaalo and them having a new home!  What??  Its okay friends, we are 110% aware of this.  Many are confused by this new home, and what about the donations we have raised and are continuing to raise on behalf of the NEW Sangaalo Babies Home.  So… let me explain.

Over the past several weeks and even months, Damalie (cottage director) has been placed in several situations with social workers.  They have stated numerous times she needs a safer more adequate home for the babies.  Recently, they started demanding of it.  Back in March, Voices 4 the Voiceless adopted Sangaalo and have since been raising the funds to purchase land and build a new home.  One that is safe, includes running water, electricity and of course, room to grow!  We recently made the purchase on the land for the new home – however, the need to be in something different grew greater before we could get any farther into this process.  With this being said, this new home is simply temporary.  It is a home that provides running water which is a GREAT need for those babies, especially now that they are being cared for with formula.  The money donated through our ministry, Voices 4 the Voiceless has and is continuing to go towards the Sangaalo Building Project.  Please be rest assured in that.

This move came very fast as the need was met overnight by some very generous people, and with the love & support of those at 147 Million Orphans.  Again, if anyone has any questions regarding this, please contact me and I will happily answer anything I can.  We greatly appreciate your support and ask that you continue to pray for us, Damalie and of course the babies.  Please pray for provision, as He has already richly blessed us and this ministry – as well as Sangaalo Babies Cottage!  We ask that you pray in how God might use you!  If you would like to give, and help us help them… go to our website!  We would be most grateful for your support!

Thank you for your prayers and love!

Until then… Brantley

Amanda - Hello Brantley! I went all through school with Richard….pretty sure he was in my Kindergarten picture! :) Anyway, I found your site through his facebook and I have three children who would love to help the children whose lives you touch in Uganda. They are 10, 6, & 2 and all save money in three jars: Spending, Saving and Giving (even the 2 year old although hers is mostly coins!). We have been looking for how to use the giving money and would like to make it your cause. I am not finding some sort of current list of supplies you are collecting….do you have something like this? I would like to let the children pick what item they would like to save for and buy some of. Please let us know. Thank you and God Bless!

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