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    Hi & welcome to our little corner of the web! My name is Brantley and this is the place where I share about life, adoption, ministry and being a mom! I am a wife to an incredibly patient man and a mother to a beautiful little girl who was brought into our family through adoption! I love to document life through my lens and share them with you here! My husband and I started a non-profit ministry called Voices 4 the Voiceless back in 2011... and we are currently working to build a babies home in Uganda, Africa!

    Most recently, I said goodbye to my job as a full-time photographer to focus on my family & ministry. And in June of 2014, we will be expecting a baby girl! God has used us in BIG ways already, and we look forward to seeing the path He continues to reveal for us. Follow us as we venture out on this amazing journey the Lord called us on!

Annalise 4 Months

Sweet baby girl is 4 Months!!!!  What in the world!!!

Smiles all the time… such a sweet bundle!

Absolutely adore her giggle!

And just for fun… an old grouping of pics that I had on my old blog.  This is me when I was little.  Now tell me this child doesn’t look like her momma! haha

Until then… Brantley

Preschool – Homeschool Style

I’ve felt a conviction for a while about possibly homeschooling our girls. Now, before I begin on this post… if you send your kids to public schools KOODOS to you!  I have absolutely nothing against the public school system.  I grew up in public schools and I turned out just fine.  But in our personal situation, the Lord placed it on my heart to teach, grow and mold my children… to be a mom first and to teach them to walk and trust in the Lord.  Part of that meant, raising them in Christ-centered environment and teaching them from home. We received a lot of criticism from some people, saying its important for children to be around other kids, learn to work together, play, etc.  And while I agree, I  believe its more important for my girls to know the Lord and seek after Him!  My girls get lots of interaction with other children through church programs, Sunday school and play dates with other kids.  We also know several other parents who homeschool and we have plans to do things with them throughout the week as well.  Not to mention there are numerous resources, homeschool groups, etc that you can be apart of!  I do not plan to “shelter” my girls from the world.  In fact, quite the opposite.  A big part in our decision to homeschool is that we want our girls to be a part of our ministry and be able to travel with us to Africa and other places when we do so.  We wouldn’t have that flexibility in public schooling, as we will with homeschooling.

Now I cannot say that I will homeschool forever… but for now, this is where He has us.  With that being said, we began Preschool K3 with Katherine Grace last week.  Although I was a little hesitant and nervous about how it would go… I was pleasantly surprised!  We’re only in week 2 of homeschooling, so its  still new… but Katherine Grace has always loved learning new things and this is no different.  She gets so excited each morning when we aim to begin at 7:30am.  Generally we finish up by 9:30am.  Obviously we have to be a little flexible because of Annalise and feedings and such.

I’ve done a lot of research, as homeschooling is completely new to us.  And I’m sure it will be a learning experience as we go.  But for now… here are some things were doing!  Katherine Grace is really smart and catches on to things much quicker than I ever did.  So much of this she already knows… but we are going through a lot and trying to challenge her along the way.

We start off each day by saying a little prayer.  Then we take the time to choose place on our map and pray for the Nations.  We’re also teaching the children to pray in our 3′s Sunday school class and this is something I’m doing with them also.  So its also fun, and personal to do at home with Katherine Grace.

Then we start off with some easier things like visuals.  She loves doing flash cards (so do I)… so some days depending on our focus, we might do numbers/counting, alphabet, visuals like same & different and shapes!

Then we try and work on some hands on type activity.  Like lacing string through objects, cutting lines and shapes on these printables, etc.  Btw… I will list several awesome sites for free printables, activity sheets, and even fun craft ideas below!  So be sure to check those out!

Then we end the “curriculum” part of our preschool by doing a few pages in these work books!  Believe it or not, I found these at WalMart.  I found the one of the left several weeks ago by accident.  I was grabbing markers, and such and ran across this book.  Its packed FULL of pages for colors, shapes, counting, tracing, learning to write, etc.  It really is a great resource and only $5 or $6!  Then my mom found the other book and its just as great!  She has fun doing them and has already learned soooo much!

Lastly we work on a craft. Color, cut out, glue, make something… you know the drill.


Resources!  Ya’ll, there are SOOOOO many resources out there for moms and teachers.  Even if you’re not homeschooling, some of these are great just for fun! is one of my favorites!  That is where I found my printables, cut out sheets, etc!  Tons of great resources here!

Ooops… gotta run… babies who need me!  I’ll post more links and resources soon!….

Until then… Brantley

September 10, 2014 - 1:26 AM

Kayla - We have the same feelings about homeschooling. I started with Emmy about three weeks ago and so far, we love it. Probably won’t do it forever but I feel like 5 years is such a short time to give our kids what they need to go out and fight the daily battles that Satan faces us with. It has nothing to do with the public schools and more to do with our (mine and Caleb’s) desire to teach, prepare, and hopefully turn our daughters toward Christ in every situation they come to.
SO far it is fun. Not sure how long this will last. Good luck!

Annalise 17 weeks

Baby girl is 17 weeks old today and this Friday, she’ll be 4 months!!!!  How on earth is time flying by this fast?

Annalise, mommy and daddy love you more and more each and every day!  I love those sweet smiles, and those eyes… oh my!  We love you sweet girl!

Sure do love some baby toes!

That smile is so contagious and you brighten my days Annalise!

Until then… Brantley

Football Season 2014 has begun!


I must admit I love a little football, especially college football.  But I’ll also admit I’m not one of the crazies who can’t miss a game, or tailgate event.  I do enjoy going tailgating with friends, but honestly, I just don’t care enough to miss out on other life’s events in order to watch a game.  (insert a bunch of comments at me!);) But… here are my cuties all decked out in OUR favorite gameday attire!  :)  Oh and I even included a few bloopers for your amusement!

Miss Annalise wasn’t up for a bunch of smiles…  but she’s still cute, so who cares!

{Katherine Grace 3 1/2}

Annalise 3 1/2 months – oh and don’t let her size in these pics fool you!  She’s still a lil thing at just 10 lbs.

As promised, some BLOOPERS!  For all of you who think my kids always cooperate in pics…

Happy Gameday friends!!!!!

Until then… Brantley

Annalise 15 weeks

Love this sweet girl and those baby blues!!!:)Her eyes make me melt over and over again!

She loves to giggle & coo, her mobile & of course her sister

She still comfortably wears newborn clothes and is wearing some 0-3 month.

Time please slow down!

Until then… Brantley

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