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    Hi! My name is Brantley and this is my little corner of the web! I am a wife to incredibly patient, loving & Christ-seeking man! I am the mommy to two beautiful girls! Katherine Grace was brought to us through the blessing of adoption. Annalise was welcomed in May 2014 through the blessing of birth! I gave up my life-long passion & career as a photographer to be a mom first! I still enjoy documenting life through my lens and sharing them here! The Lord has taught me so much, and continues to work in my life daily! Our journey is fun, exciting and often times hard! But through this journey, I cling to my Savior knowing He is in control!

    My husband and I began a ministry, called Voices 4 the Voiceless back in 2011. We both feel burdened to care for the fatherless and advocate on their behalf! Join us as we journey through life!

Toes… this girl LOVES her toes!

Annalise is in the baby phase of chewing for sure! She recently found her feet and her newest trick is putting them in her mouth! I think its precious personally. So when she woke up the other morning her happy self, I took off her pjs and let her play on her nursery floor for a few minutes! Enjoy!:)

Annalise {5 Months}

4U5A24084U5A2346 B&W4U5A24304U5A25204U5A2503Love my sweet baby girl!

Until then… Brantley


A Zoo Kind of Day

We had fun… ALL 4 of us at the zoo today!  Its always nice when daddy is off work and we’re able to enjoy fun times like this!  :)We all had a great time together!

Because of some zoo maintenance this morning… they were not doing horse rides.  But they let Katherine Grace pet one of the horses!

What a fun Monday with the family!  :)

Until then… Brantley


Happy 5 Months Sweet Girl

I am speechless!  Today I woke up and really hit me how incredibly fast time is flying by.  I truly cannot believe this baby girl is 5 months TODAY!  Yep… just 5 months ago I was being admitted to have a csection to deliver this special girl.  It wasn’t at all I pictured my pregnancy going – much less my delivery… but in the end, my baby girl was safe and wrapped in my arms by 2:43pm!  Annalise Kate, what a blessing you are to me and your daddy!  We love you beyond all words, and I am truly grateful for the little miracle you are!

In celebration {haha}, Annalise tried her first “real” food tonight!  Squash!!  Lets just say it was a HUGE hit!  So much so that she screamed when we attempted to put the jar away.  ;)

Mommy loves my sweet goose!

Until then… Brantley

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