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    Hi & welcome to our little corner of the web! My name is Brantley and this is the place where I share about life, adoption, ministry and being a mom! I am a wife to an incredibly patient man and a mother to a beautiful little girl who was brought into our family through adoption! I love to document life through my lens and share them with you here! My husband and I started a non-profit ministry called Voices 4 the Voiceless back in 2011... and we are currently working to build a babies home in Uganda, Africa!

    Most recently, I said goodbye to my job as a full-time photographer to focus on my family & ministry. And in June of 2014, we will be expecting a baby girl! God has used us in BIG ways already, and we look forward to seeing the path He continues to reveal for us. Follow us as we venture out on this amazing journey the Lord called us on!

Fun at the zoo!

This weekend we made our way to the zoo… the first time back since Annalise was born!  It was the perfect Saturday afternoon with our girls and everyone had a great time! Here are some pics!  {of course}

Love my little family and the joy each of them bring to my life!

Until then… Brantley

My girls

Oh what sweet blessings these girls are to me! Here are few from our quick impromptu session this evening!  Just because.  :)

Katherine Grace {3 1/2} and Annalise {2 months}

ADORE this sunlight!  We only got a few minutes of it before it hid behind the trees!

Couldn’t manage a smile out of Annalise tonight… maybe next time!  :) Btw… this is one of Katherine Grace’s dresses!  Feeling sappy and sentimental tonight seeing Annalise wear it now!

Have a great weekend!  Until then…


News Alert!

News Alert…


YES!  Richard and I are finally heading back to Uganda!  It will be nearly 2 years since our last trip by the time we go in December!  We miss our friends their so much and we’re beyond excited that the Lord has paved a way for us to travel back!  We would sincerely appreciate your prayers as we plan, prepare and travel!

Many of you ask each year how you can get involved, and help!  Well, here are some ways!

1) Buy a Bible!  You can visit our online shop and purchase a Bible to give to someone in Uganda!  We plan to purchase Bibles to hand deliver while in country!  What a perfect way to help share the gospel with those on the other side of the world!  Go HERE to purchase yours!

2) Join us in prayer! We believe that the Lord has gone before us and paved a way for us!  Will you join us in praying for not only us as we prepare, but also for the people of Uganda.  Pray that hearts will be changed, and pray that they may see Jesus in each of us!

3) Give!  Praise the Lord Richard and I have already raised funds to pay for our trip costs.  However, we are always in need of funds for in country needs!  As we travel and meet with new ministries in the area – we see needs that need to be met!  We also see opportunities where we can bless others whether by delivering food, or blessing someone financially!  Will you consider making a financial donation to our ministry so that we can bless others?

Thank you all so much for your prayers, love and support!  We appreciate you all!

Many thanks, until then…


July 18, 2014 - 1:32 PM

april - Congrats on your going back! Are you taking the girls too? They are so beautiful!!! Have a great rest of the summer.

Annalise 8 Weeks

How on earth is my baby girl already 8 weeks old!  Seriously feels like yesterday that were sent to the hospital at 37 weeks for a csection!  Oh my how I adore my babies!  This little lovey is now starting to show her little personality more and more!  And it is PRECIOUS!!!  Enjoy some quick shots I snapped this morning!

“What… 8 weeks already?”

Until then… Brantley

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