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    Hi! My name is Brantley and this is my little corner of the web! I am a wife to incredibly patient, loving & Christ-seeking man! I am the mommy to two beautiful girls! Katherine Grace was brought to us through the blessing of adoption. Annalise was welcomed in May 2014 through the blessing of birth! I gave up my life-long passion & career as a photographer to be a mom first! I still enjoy documenting life through my lens and sharing them here! The Lord has taught me so much, and continues to work in my life daily! Our journey is fun, exciting and often times hard! But through this journey, I cling to my Savior knowing He is in control!

    My husband and I began a ministry, called Voices 4 the Voiceless back in 2011. We both feel burdened to care for the fatherless and advocate on their behalf! Join us as we journey through life!

life lately

Life has been a bit busy around here lately…

This past Saturday I ran my first 5k in 10 years!!! Talk about adrenaline pumping… its was awesome!  I am still training because I want to get to a better place where I can actually run a 5k with ease and consistency.  So I am signed up to run another one in late February and then in March!

Here are some snapshots from the race.  {my friend Ally ran with me}





Looking back to see our times!

4U5A9233We really did have a blast and so much growing to do!  But overall thankful we at least did it!

Now here are the faces you probably came here to see…

4U5A9427 5x7

4U5A9399 5x7

4U5A9440 5x7

4U5A9475 5x7

LOVES blowing raspberries!;)

4U5A9501 5x74U5A9529 5x74U5A9537 5x7Love these girls to pieces!  Thankful for each sweet moment I get to love on them!

Until then… Brantley


Annalise ~ 8 months

Whew!  Time to take a deep breath and allow each passing moment to settle.  Time is flying way too fast these days!  THIS… little girl is now 8 months old!  She’s like a little doll baby, isn’t she precious in this lavender smock?!!

4U5A9093 5x7

4U5A9109 5x7

4U5A9116 5x7

4U5A9128 5x74U5A9129 5x7

4U5A9157 5x7

We love you precious girl!

Until then… Brantley

Jill - January 15, 2015 - 9:16 AM

I do love her lavender dress! That color looks pretty on her with her red hair. She looks like her features has changed so much since the last time I saw her. They grow up so fast!

Katherine Grace turns 4!!!

How on earth is it possible this girl is already turning 4????

TOMORROW, January 3rd, my Katherine Grace turns 4 years old!  We will be busy celebrating with friends and family… so I’m doing her blog post a day early!;)

It feels like days ago that we walked into the hospital and met this little bundle of joy for the very first time!  The journey the Lord led us on to get to her is something far greater than anything I could have ever written myself!  He indeed meant for us to become her mommy and daddy.

One January 3, 2011 Katherine Grace was welcomed into the world!

Although we were not there, we dreamed about the moment we would meet.  One January 5th, 2011 we brought you home and I became a mommy!!!!

KGs gotcha day pic

Katherine Grace you are truly light up the room with excitement!  You are full of energy, playfulness and a true joy to spend my days with!  You are smart and beautiful {both inside and out}.Mommy loves you to the moon and beyond and I praise God everyday for the special gift you are to me!  I love being your mommy and being able to share in so many fun times with you!

4U5A8742 LOW RES4U5A8655 LOW RES4U5A8382 LOW RESYou are goofy and crazy!  You have made me want to have more fun as an adult!4U5A8390 LOW RES

You are energetic, full of life!  You love to run, jump and ride your bike!

Running4U5A8446 LOW RES4U5A8451 LOW RES

You are full of laughter! You make people smile, and your giggles are contagious!

4U5A8466 LOW RES

She loves music and dancing… so to no surprise at all… she LOVES ‘Shake it Off’!  ;)

SHAKE IT OFFKatherine Grace4U5A8358 LOW RES

Running 2I love you Katherine Grace!  I love the little girl you are becoming!  My prayer for you is that you seek after the Lord with all your heart!  That you will one day choose Him as your Savior and choose to follow after Him!  Lord I pray He protects you and guides you all your days.  I love you more than you will ever know and I praise Him for the blessing you are to this family!

I love you!

Until then… Mommy!


A Year to be THANKFUL

Wow… how can it be that this year is now over??  What an incredible year it has been!

We have experienced LIFE and LOSS.  The Lord has brought our family through VALLEYS and showed us HIS SOVEREIGNTY!  He has graciously blessed us in more ways that I can count, and taught me more in a year than in this lifetime.  He has reminded me how short this life is, and how we are not promised tomorrow.  That we should live each day as though there is no tomorrow.  To tell the world of His LOVE and faithfulness.  To shout it from the rooftops for all to hear.  To proclaim His goodness and mercy, His love and strength!  For He is MIGHTY indeed and worthy of ALL PRAISE!!!

Lord, thank you for everything you have brought us through.  The the life and welcome addition of a new baby.  Through the loss of a little life.  For the comfort you have given me during the darkest of days, and the promise of eternal life with you!  Lord, thank you for the gifts you have so graciously entrusted me with.  For I know now they are only temporary, I pray you will mold me into a woman who seeks after you!  I pray you will continue to shape me into a Proverbs 31 woman, a mom who leads her children to you, and a family who shines your love daily!!!

Lord thank you for the blessing of a new year.  For going before me and preparing me for the unknowns, for the heartache that is ahead and the joys of knowing you are right there with me.

Lord I pray that in 2015, I will trust you completely.  That I will lean on you for strength and understanding and that you will grow me in this place we call home.  That you will give me a heart for eternity and not the things of this world.  Lord mold me.  Give me a heart that seeks only after you and the boldness to proclaim your name to ALL the NATIONS!

Thank you….

For this bond I share with my firstborn.  How blessed I am to call her mine!


For the feeling of movement inside my body… the feeling of my baby growing.


For this precious gift of family and the anticipation of adding to it!


For the moments of fears and unknowns.  Oh Lord, you were with me every step.


Birth.  Through a sacred moment in which I gave birth to a baby.  The blessing of being able to welcome a new addition through the miracle of birth and know that the Lord allowed me to experience both blessings of adoption and birth.  No words can express.


My heart melts.  There is nothing more precious than seeing your first child light up in pure excitement and hold your newest.  I swell up inside with thanksgiving.


For being able to nurse my baby, even if just for a short while.  I am grateful.


For motherhood.  These two are everything to me!  I give thanks and lift my hands in praise for the gift these two are!  For the gift of being a mommy!


For sisters.  I treasure the relationship these two have.  My prayer is that they always love one another and treasure this precious bond they share!


For a wonderful husband and father!  Wow, he has truly blown me away by his love and involvement in our children’s lives!  I thank God for this man!


For friends and family!  I couldn’t be anymore blessed and BEYOND thankful for friendships!


For this girl especially.  She has cried tears with me, loved me, encouraged me , prayed for me and been there for me through so many hard times and good times.  I am truly blessed to call her my friend and have her by my side through good and bad times. Thank you Lord for friendship.


For a family of diversity!  The Lord broke our hearts and continues to break them.  We PRAISE Him for the blessing of adoption and for the opportunity to spread the gospel through the uniqueness of our family.


For childhood.  She keeps me young and reminds me what life is all about.


For this little family the Lord has graciously blessed me with!



We’ve experienced BEAUTIFUL out of LOSS.  We serve a SOVEREIGN GOD! He has brought us so far and through some of the most difficult times, HE has brought us comfort!

beautiful out of the dust LOW RES


For Family.  The good times and the bad…


Bliss.  This baby girl has brought pure bliss into our home.


For personality.  For energy. For life.  Katherine Grace makes each day more exciting!!!


For FIRSTS.  There are so many things to look forward to, many firsts to be celebrated!



For the JOY of Christ’s BIRTH…. to be able to celebrate with these two is a true blessing!


V o i c e s   4   t h e   V o i c e l e s s