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  • Hi! My name is Brantley and this is my little corner of the web!

    Thanks for checking out my blog! This is the place where I share my heart & passions! I am a wife to an incredible man. The mommy to two beautiful girls. My husband and I are the founders of Voices 4 the Voiceless, a ministry focused on orphan advocacy! I am passionate about missions and educating the world about the orphan crisis around the world! I love being a mommy, documenting life through my lens and traveling the world!

    My heart is burdened for the fatherless. I love adoption and how families are made! Our first child was welcomed through adoption and we praise the Lord for the gift she is! Join with me as I talk about life candidly, the challenges of being a mommy & my heart for serving the Lord faithfully!

Our little crew

Early this month, we had family pictures made.  I wanted to do something inside our home – something relaxed, comfortable and just us, in our own environment.  We found THIS amazing photographer and she has truly blown us away!  We decided to go ahead and have family pictures now before Annalise became mobile.  And thankfully we did… I LOVE them and everything about them!  Enjoy!

Thank you Sarah for capturing our family so well ~ you bottled up something special!

family #1

Family #2

me and my crew

sister love

feet 2

the girls

blooper fun

{keeping it real folks!}

family 2

daddy and katherine grace
daddy and kg 2

me and kg
me and my girls 2


{adore these people}

me and annalise


{lets just say, the dogs weren’t exactly thrilled about being in pictures!}

richard and katherine grace

me and my girls

{special note: the image of me holding both girls in my lap… I have one almost identical of my mom hold me and my sister. And the best part, this was completely unplanned! Priceless}

me and annalise 2
our babes

Photo Credit: Sarah Pascutti Photography

Sarah, I am speechless for once! I will treasure these images forever, and what these sweet faces mean to me!  You bottled up our lives in just a few images and for that I am incredibly grateful! God gave you an incredible gift behind that lens and you are beautiful both inside and out!  Thank you for sharing your talents with others and pointing it back to Christ! I adore each and every image and are so thankful I got in touch with you to photograph our crew!

Until then…


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Annalise {9 Months}

My spunky, happy, silly, full of personality, beautiful baby is now 9 months!!!  I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it and where the time has gone…

… here she is!


Somehow I just imagine her in 16 years as a teenage girl giving me this same look.  Sigh.


This my friends, this would be her “dancing” to the ‘itsy bitsy spider’!  lol  She always gets a good laugh from mommy & daddy!


There she is, in all her splendor… Annalise at 9 months!!!  One day she’s gonna hate me, but for now, I’ll treasure each smile, giggle and quirk!  :)I love you baby girl, always!!!

Until then…


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A piece of the world

There’s a small piece on the other side of the world where my heart rests. Uganda, Africa. I miss it greatly.  Going on two years since my last visit.  The last time I hugged some precious necks. I miss them more than they will ever know.  And although I have struggled and questioned the “whys!”, the Lord simply hasn’t had it in His plans for us to go back.

Yet each time, the Lord whispers, “be still my child”.  And I wait.

I’ve attempted taking it into my “own hands” and planning trips, and He pulls the reigns a little tighter.  I do not know the answers even now… but my heart aches to be back.  Often times I find myself putting this place in the back of my mind, somewhere not to “deal with it”.  I make it mere memory. So for now, I press on and continue praying for the day He calls us back.  To love on little babies.  To serve amongst the poor. To BE the hands and feet and walk the streets proclaiming His name.

Yes indeed I yearn for that day!

4U5A1284 uganda

4U5A1479 me and richard

4U5A2123 me and damalie

Be still my heart for the day will come.  I have hope that there is purpose in the waiting!  Lord, prepare my heart! Mold me. Lead me and send me so that I might step out and be a servant for you!

Until then… Brantley

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life lately

Life has been a bit busy around here lately…

This past Saturday I ran my first 5k in 10 years!!! Talk about adrenaline pumping… its was awesome!  I am still training because I want to get to a better place where I can actually run a 5k with ease and consistency.  So I am signed up to run another one in late February and then in March!

Here are some snapshots from the race.  {my friend Ally ran with me}





Looking back to see our times!

We really did have a blast and so much growing to do!  But overall thankful we at least did it!

Now here are the faces you probably came here to see…

4U5A9427 5x7

4U5A9399 5x7

4U5A9440 5x7

4U5A9475 5x7

LOVES blowing raspberries!;)

4U5A9501 5x7
4U5A9529 5x7
4U5A9537 5x7
Love these girls to pieces!  Thankful for each sweet moment I get to love on them!

Until then… Brantley

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Annalise ~ 8 months

Whew!  Time to take a deep breath and allow each passing moment to settle.  Time is flying way too fast these days!  THIS… little girl is now 8 months old!  She’s like a little doll baby, isn’t she precious in this lavender smock?!!

4U5A9093 5x7

4U5A9109 5x7

4U5A9116 5x7

4U5A9128 5x7
4U5A9129 5x7

4U5A9157 5x7

We love you precious girl!

Until then… Brantley

Jill - I do love her lavender dress! That color looks pretty on her with her red hair. She looks like her features has changed so much since the last time I saw her. They grow up so fast!

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