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    Hi! My name is Brantley and this is my little corner of the web! I am a wife to incredibly patient, loving & Christ-seeking man! I am the mommy to two beautiful girls! Katherine Grace was brought to us through the blessing of adoption. Annalise was welcomed in May 2014 through the blessing of birth! I gave up my life-long passion & career as a photographer to be a mom first! I still enjoy documenting life through my lens and sharing them here! The Lord has taught me so much, and continues to work in my life daily! Our journey is fun, exciting and often times hard! But through this journey, I cling to my Savior knowing He is in control!

    My husband and I began a ministry, called Voices 4 the Voiceless back in 2011. We both feel burdened to care for the fatherless and advocate on their behalf! Join us as we journey through life!

Furniture Makeover – Project 1

Hey friends!  Those of you who know me well, know one thing I love is to makeover furniture.  God gave me an eye to see and capture through my lens… and that carries on into envisioning something new in something old.  I’ve been slowly adding new pieces to some rooms in our house.  And I wanted to get back to my love of making over a an piece and making it something special!  So… I set out to find a piece I could makeover… but not spend a lot of money.

Here is what I found.  Honestly, it was a “piece of junk” as my husband said when we went to pick it up.  :) He’ll even admit, he doesn’t see my visions until they’re complete.

I paid $60  Honestly, that was more than I really had hoped to spend, but I saw something really special underneath all the grime, and ugliness.  ;)

Before LOW RES

It was missing knobs, had layers of grime and dirt on the exterior… and was screaming for a little TLC.  But with a little deep cleaning and scrubbing….

Paint, new knobs and a vision….

THIS was made new!!!


I painted the interior cabinets a pale grey to contrast a bit from the white dishes.

In the bottom cabinets house some cookbooks and some of Katherine Grace’s coloring books, crayons and playdoh.

I ADORE how it turned out.  Now the color may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in our all white kitchen with faint blue walls… this was the perfect pop of color!

After 2 LOW RES

I found these awesome orange knobs to top it off… and I’d have to say its my new favorite piece!

Now to see what else I can find!  :)

Until then… Brantley

Sky - November 20, 2014 - 12:40 PM

love it! I need something like that in my kitchen

Mommy, look at me!

Oh me, oh my!  My baby girl is sitting up… just like that she’s up!  This came out of nowhere!!!!  She has barely rolled over (really only once by accident) and suddenly out of the blue was able to do THIS!!!

annalise kate LOW RES

annalise kate 2 LOW RES

Can you see that toothy?

annalise kate 3 LOW RES

annalise kate 4 LOW RES

annalise kate 5 LOW RES

What a sweet girl you are Annalise!  Mommy and daddy are so proud of you!

Until then… Brantley


Annalise ~ 6 Months

What in the world??  I am in serious denial over here… my baby girl is already 6 months old!  I seriously feel like it was yesterday I was told… head on over to the hospital, you’re having your baby today! When I first found out we were having a girl, this was one of the very first outfits I bought!  I LOVE it on her!!!

Annalise, what a joy you are!  Happy 6 months baby girl!!!

6 months

I love how her toes are always scrunched together.









Its hard to see… but can you see that itty bitty tooth on the bottom!  It finally cut threw!;)

4U5A47294U5A4726Happy 1/2 Birthday baby girl, mommy loves you!!!!

Until then… Brantley


My Prayer for You ~ Annalise

A recent goal of mine is to document life a little more.  Not only through pictures, but also by documenting my prayers, my thoughts, etc.

I wanted to start by writing some prayers to my girls.

But first let me also share a little something else with you.  (hope you don’t mind)

My heart has really been hurt lately by several comments people have made.  I know in some cases this is just ignorance, but it can be extremely hurtful to me, and our family.

The comments have been about how I feel about Annalise since she is “mine”.  Ya’ll let me explain something… Katherine Grace is just as much “mine” as Annalise is “mine”.  I can honestly say, that since I have experienced the pure joy of both adoption and birth… I feel absolutely NO different about either of my children.  Zippo!  Nothing.  The day we met Katherine Grace at the hospital and we called her “ours”… was the day I became a mommy.  I can tell you with absolute certainty that it didn’t feel ANY different giving birth to Annalise!  The best way I can explain it…

Your husband isn’t of your blood.  But you married him.  And he is “yours”.  Right?  He’s family.  Right?  Adoption is simply no different.  Katherine Grace is “mine” whether I gave birth to her or not.  Most days I forget I didn’t carry her inside me.  She feels just as much apart of me as Annalise does. I pray that more eyes would be open to seeing this – that families are made and created of nothing more than LOVE.

Okay… now that we have that cleared up…. and my baby girl is 6 MONTHS OLD TODAY… I wanted to write down a prayer.  This one is for Annalise.


Dear Annalise,

The Lord created you and formed you in my womb.  What a joy and a blessing to be given such a gift.  Something so many mothers yearn for deeply.

I count it a great blessing to have been given this task, this honor to carry a baby inside me.

ultrasound 8 weeks

Annalise, you are a gift.  I pray with all my heart you always know this.

I pray you always know how special you are and how much you were and are prayed for!


Just 6 months ago I gave birth to you and met you for the very first time.  I held you in my arms and loved on you.  I kissed your sweet lips and saw those big, beautiful blue eyes for the first time.

I pray you continue to grow, to be healthy and to be caring and compassionate to others.

I am so blessed to be your mommy.  To be able to stay home with you and care for you.  To teach you, to hold you, to watch you achieve new things!

It is a just blessing to be home with you and know that I can be here during your first roll, your first crawl, the first time you walk or talk or say ma ma.

But more importantly, I am thankful I can be here by your side to teach you.  To share with you about your Heavenly Father.  To share with you about life and how He has blessed us, taken care of us and molded our family.

me and annalise 6 days old B&W

Annalise, I pray that the Lord will use me in big ways.  I pray daily that you will come to know Him and seek after Him as your Savior, your Father!

Oh Annalise, how I yearn for the day when He tugs at your heart!  I pray that I can be a godly example for you.  That the Lord will give me a heart after His so that I can be an example for you!

I want you to know Him.  I pray that you will one day, and that He will lead you!


Annalise, I pray that when you feel weak, scared, sad or even alone… that you will let Him comfort you.

I pray you feel His presence, His peace.  I pray you find your joy in Him.

When your friends have walked away, or we have let you down… when this world disappoints you (because it will), I pray that you cling to the One who will never leave your side!

4U5A6691 B&W

I pray you will continue to grow and be healthy and strong.

I pray that you will love.  That you will be a giver, someone who cares more for others than yourself.

I pray that you will stand up for others when everyone is defeating them.  I pray you will be a friend to all.

4U5A9534 B&W

Annalise, I love your smile.  Your eyes, oh those eyes!  How they captivate me and draw me in.

From the moment you looked at me, I fell in love.

4U5A8806 B&W 5x7

Annalise, what a treasure and a joy you are!  You brighten my days, you make my mornings full of sunshine when I walk into your room!

Oh how I pray you sing praises to the Lord one day!

I pray you and your sister will always be close.  That you will love one another and look after one another even after we are gone.

I pray that you will become the best of friends.  That you will be kind to one another and find a special love only a sister can give.


Lord, I pray for you my sweet baby girl.

I pray that you will be humble and kind.  That you will be like Him, a woman who seeks after the Lord!  I pray that you will seek after Him with all your heart.

I pray when you stray away, when you lack trust that He will draw you back close to Him!

I pray for your health, and that the Lord will keep you safe.

I pray that your heart will be for those all over the world.  That you will not see skin color or status… that you will have a heart to share the gospel to ALL!

I pray that you will learn how to love, and care for others the way He care for us!

I pray that you will be modest and do not follow after the world’s standards.  I pray that the Lord protects you, and that you strive to be pure.

I pray that you choose to give yourself to only one man, the man God has chosen for you.

I pray for the man that you marry one day.  That you will seek after a godly man who loves the Lord first and foremost!

I pray for your faith.  That you will learn to place your faith in the Lord, that you might lean on Him during the unknown times, during difficult moments of doubt. Baby girl, those days will come.

More than anything in the world, I pray you have a heart after Him!  I pray He tugs after your heart and that you give your life to the one true King!!! ~ Amen

Mommy loves you Annalise!

Freeman-165 4x6

Until then… Brantley


7 Years!

Wow!  7 years of marriage… just like that!  The days can be long, but oh how fast the years fly by!  I love you Richard!!!  I am truly blessed to be sharing in this journey with you by my side!

I’ll never forget the day we met… New Year’s Eve {December 31, 2006} at the Singles Ministry at church.

the day we met

I can’t say it was love at first sight, but I can definitely say, the Lord led me to that church for one reason.  I am so thankful for the last minute decision to visit!  Even more thankful that God led me to you!!!!

Just 11 months later I got to marry the man of my dreams.  As cheesy as it may sound… you really are everything and more I could have ever imagined marrying!

Our wedding Day

I yearned to meet a godly man, someone who truly sought after the Lord first and foremost.  And I found that man in you!

Wedding Portrait

The Lord took us down some scary roads early on in our marriage with job loss, finances and some hard times.  But the Lord remained faithful and carried us through!

richard and brantley 2012

What a journey!  We’ve traveled, made memories and enjoyed our days as a couple!

The Lord planted a seed in my heart for adoption….

And later gave you a heart after the fatherless!

KGs gotcha day

Because of that seed… just 9 months later He graciously blessed us with our first child through the miracle of adoption.  I couldn’t have written a better story… only the Lord could have created such a beautiful story!  We became parents on January 5, 2011. (Katherine Grace’s Gotcha Day)

KGs gotcha day picI am emotional thinking of what came from this journey!  How it changed me, how it changed you and how it forever changed US!  The Lord first planted a small seed which led us to our first child.  But later planted another seed that led us to care for the fatherless!  He gave us a deep burden that will never leave our hearts!  He has changed us forever and I deeply thankful for the burden we both carry!

I am thankful for this child in my arms.  Julie.  And her twin sister, Jennifer.  We both love them deeply and will never forget them!  I miss them everyday and pray one day the Lord will lead us back to them!  I pray for their safety, for their health, but mostly for their hearts!  I pray the Lord will grab ahold of them and show them the love only He can give them!  I pray they will feel His love and I pray so hard they will come to know Him as their FATHER!!!!  We miss you both soooo much!!!

uganda 2012

What a journey!  Richard, we have shared in some really great times, some really hard times!  The Lord has brought us through so much and I am forever grateful!  I am so thankful we get to walk this life together!

I am thankful for the daddy that you are!  You are so involved in your role as a daddy.  And I look around and see the gap in some families lives… I am more and more thankful at how you love our daughters!

richard and katherine grace

I am thankful for this woman.  For Damalie.  For the example she has set in our lives.  For the godly woman she is and for the heart she has for so many.  She is selfless.  She has taught us both so much about our walks with the Lord and about how to love on others!  What a blessing we both have in knowing her!

uganda 2013

I am thankful for THIS!

View More:

For the true blessing and gift that the Lord gave us.  Something so many yearn for.  I am thankful for the gift to be able to carry a baby inside my womb. To have the experience of feeling my child move inside me, hear her heartbeat and carry such a special gift inside me.  I am thankful the Lord called me to be a mommy through adoption and birth!  So priceless! And something I do not take lightly!


delivery day 4U5A9251I am grateful for being able to share in some pretty incredible moments with you by my side!  What a blessing you have been to me!

Richard, I love you more than I can put into words.  I am thankful for each and every moment we have shared in the last 7 years.  I am thankful you chose me to be your wife, to marry you and to be someone you wanted to share in this crazy life with!  I could have never imagined our 7 years would look like this… but wow!  What an amazing 7 years I wouldn’t trade for anything!

Thank you Lord for this man.  Thank you for the husband he is to me.  Thank you for the daddy that he is to our daughters.  And thank you for his heart for others.  Especially to the fatherless whom you have given him a burden for!  You broke his heart and for that I am grateful!  You have led us down some scary roads, but brought us through each trial placed before us.  You have made us stronger with each day that passes.  You have given and taken away.  You have said yes, and you have said no.  And although on those days we do not understand, you are always faithful and we trust in your plan!

Thank you for giving me this man to walk beside me.  To lead me and to love me!

Richard, thank you for being by my side, loving me, leading me and being the man I never imagined I would be so lucky to have in my life!

I love you to the moon and back!

orphan sunday 2014 4U5A2608

Happy 7 years and to MANY more awesome journeys!!!!!

Until then….


April Wainwright - November 12, 2014 - 12:20 AM

you mean you met December 2006? You have Dec 2008. Otherwise you would have been married 5 years :) Anyway…thanks for sharing!!!

For this journey we're on - November 12, 2014 - 6:53 AM

Hi April, it says 2006. Not sure where you saw 2008. Thank you though!

April Wainwright - November 14, 2014 - 5:52 PM

oops..i am sorry…i thought the 6 was an 8…i checked again, and sure enough, it was a

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