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    Hi & welcome to our little corner of the web! My name is Brantley and this is the place where I share about life, adoption, ministry and being a mom! I am a wife to an incredibly patient man and a mother to a beautiful little girl who was brought into our family through adoption! I love to document life through my lens and share them with you here! My husband and I started a non-profit ministry called Voices 4 the Voiceless back in 2011... and we are currently working to build a babies home in Uganda, Africa!

    Most recently, I said goodbye to my job as a full-time photographer to focus on my family & ministry. And in June of 2014, we will be expecting a baby girl! God has used us in BIG ways already, and we look forward to seeing the path He continues to reveal for us. Follow us as we venture out on this amazing journey the Lord called us on!

Football Season 2014 has begun!


I must admit I love a little football, especially college football.  But I’ll also admit I’m not one of the crazies who can’t miss a game, or tailgate event.  I do enjoy going tailgating with friends, but honestly, I just don’t care enough to miss out on other life’s events in order to watch a game.  (insert a bunch of comments at me!);) But… here are my cuties all decked out in OUR favorite gameday attire!  :)  Oh and I even included a few bloopers for your amusement!

Miss Annalise wasn’t up for a bunch of smiles…  but she’s still cute, so who cares!

{Katherine Grace 3 1/2}

Annalise 3 1/2 months – oh and don’t let her size in these pics fool you!  She’s still a lil thing at just 10 lbs.

As promised, some BLOOPERS!  For all of you who think my kids always cooperate in pics…

Happy Gameday friends!!!!!

Until then… Brantley

Annalise 15 weeks

Love this sweet girl and those baby blues!!!:)Her eyes make me melt over and over again!

She loves to giggle & coo, her mobile & of course her sister

She still comfortably wears newborn clothes and is wearing some 0-3 month.

Time please slow down!

Until then… Brantley

Wide Eyed Beauty

I’ll never forget the day Annalise was born.  It was a whirlwind of a day full of emotions of being scared and full of joy all at once!  I was in love instantly, but it wasn’t until the first night that the nurse brought her into our room for our first middle of night feeding.  The lights were off, but there was a glimmer of light coming from the window outside.  I suppose a street light or something.  I remember the nurse pulling her out of her “bassinet” and her eyes were wide opened gleaming at me. I smiled.  I said, “hey there my wide eyed beauty”.  It was perfect.  So each night, it never failed, every thing the nurse brought her to me, she would become alert and open her eyes and look right at me in the night.  It was precious and something I still treasure!

Even now, her eyes captivate me and I melt!  Love my little wide eyed beauty!

Until then… Brantley

August 21, 2014 - 6:05 PM

April Wainwright - I love your blue pillows. Annalise is so sweet..heck, both your girls are. How can you stand it? Hope your week is going well.

My little sunshines!

In case you haven’t heard me say it before, my girls bring so much joy to my life!  They really do. By no means do we live perfect lives, in fact, far from it.  My girls are not perfect, and they mess up… we all do.  But these two really do make each day a little brighter! More so… I LOVE how much these two love one another!  Pray they always love one another this much!

Love them!

Until then… Brantley

All Smiles!

Annalise has been ALL smiles today!  Its now 4:30pm and she is just now taking a nap for the day!  She normally sleeps quite a bit and has some fussy moments in between.  But not today… this girl is full of sunshine and all smiles today!  :) Enjoy!

She’s starting to drool alot too… which tells me she’s definitely teething!

Fun times with Annalise!

Until then… Brantley

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